Inventory & Warehousing


Inventory & Warehousing

Inventory, the bane in the box or the strategic means of ensuring continuity of supply, meeting your customer demands at the lowest total cost, minimizing risk and ensuring the customer service? If you choose the latter, we should talk. Firms that aggressively embrace inventory as a competitive advance integrated with their overall supply chain strategy typically achieve;

  20-60% investment reductions
  30-80% Customer responsiveness improvements
  40 -60% Order cycle time reductions

. . . And profitability grows.

We'll work with you to help you understand customers demand patterns, replenishment capabilities, investments by product and customer configurations. As well as when and where it makes the best business sense to establish and operate warehouse functions.

Speaking of warehousing, too frequently key considerations of warehouse design and operations are compromised, high cost configuration of location, layout, shelf space, material handling and movement, storage levels, and operating practices. They tend to be stagnating, limiting the ability to grow, or shrink without additional costly investments. Yes, there is a better way, through warehouse optimization tools we can help you optimize the all variables to develop a lowest total cost configuration, that can expand and contract based on your business demands.

We can help you change your inventory and warehousing from a bane in the box to strategic management of you main strategic stocks. Give us a call and let’s explore how.


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