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Corrections Supply Chain Transformation
A $2 billion, mid-west Corrections Organization with +30 correctional facilities, +16,000 employees and +40,000 inmates was facing mounting revenue pressures, public and private sector demands, decreasing budgets and continual challenge of doing more with less. Seeking to transform their state-wide supply chain operations, Integrated Strategies was selected to work shoulder-to-shoulder with State personnel to develop and implement new business approaches. Results achieved included:

  • +$30 million in measurable cost reductions achieved across Food Service, Offender Transport, Laundry Operations, Warehouse/Distribution, Offender Monitoring & Offender Programming
  • Trained cross-functional teams in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and business transformational approaches
  • Established organizational infrastructure made up of Leadership through “boots on the ground” all focused on collaborative, integrated and inclusive approaches

Municipal Utility Business Process Reengineering
A major Midwest municipal utility was facing significant customer service issues and extended delivery service response times. Integrated Strategies was selected to assist the utility in developing a flawless customer onboarding process, while fostering collaboration and alignment across its four utilities. Results delivered were:

  • Developed current state and future state process maps
  • Identified over 230 process improvement opportunities in areas of customer service and satisfaction, cycle times and accuracy, communications and collaboration, revenue enhancements, reduced complexity and frustrations and greater employee job satisfaction
  • Developed overall Business Case & Master Plan with results, anticipated benefits and go-forward implementation plans
  • Completed in 5 months

Strategic Sourcing Transformation
A +$5 billion global consumer goods manufacturer selected Integrated Strategies to transform sourcing as a major strategic contributor to driving total cost reductions across their business operations. Cross-functional teams were trained using Integrated Strategies strategic sourcing competitive technique approaches. Results included:

  • Over $200 million in price/cost savings achieved over course of 36-48 months using Integrated Strategies processes
  • Established cross-functional infrastructure and systematic, aggressive pathways to achieve success
  • Conducted organizational review and aligned organization and job descriptions with industry best practices
  • Completed in 10 months

Reentry Services Business Process Reengineering
A large Eastern US state was seeking improvements in the management of its referral, contracting, invoicing and supplier management processes with service providers delivering residential and non-residential services to parolees. Integrated Strategies was selected review current state processes and develop go-forward recommendations to capture the improvements. As a result:

  • A collaborative infrastructure was established across Corrections, Probation & Parole, and other stakeholder groups involved in reentry
  • Created and aligned on a Reentry Service Vision and Pathway
  • Developed current state maps and identified over 230 improvement opportunities in the areas of improved reentry outcomes, price/cost reductions, business efficiency improvements, security compliance, and staff job enrichment
  • Developed detail future state recommendations and implementation plans
  • Completed in 4 months

State Logistics & Supply Chain Strategy Acceleration
To accelerate business competitiveness, talent enhancement, regional development and make supply chain a key differentiator, the State’s business development arm launched the Logistics & Supply Chain Strategy Acceleration. Integrated Strategies participated on the Commission that developed the Strategic Plan and facilitated the team accountable for the Strategy implementation. Key results included:

  • Developed detailed implementation plan for the statewide collaborative strategy
  • Implemented collaborative structure linking state, regional and industry stakeholders
  • Developed statewide communications and outreach plan to enhance collaborative efforts
  • Trained State personnel in Integrated Strategies’ initiative approach including disciplined initiative management tools and practices based on quality leadership principles
  • Completed in 12 months

Global Supply Chain & Distribution Strategy
A global neutraceutical company with multiple manufacturing facilities distributes goods to over 55 countries around the world. Integrated Strategies was selected to develop a global strategy for their North American manufacturing operations and worldwide distribution requirements. Integrated Strategies delivered:

  • Double digit price/cost reductions, revenue enhancements, improved demand forecasting, significant cycle time reductions, manufacturing waste reductions and customer service improvements
  • Business Case & Master outlining the overall implementation strategy
  • Established transformation team structure
  • Completed in 7 months

Strategic Sourcing Effectiveness
A multi-business unit mining organizations with locations throughout the US was looking to significantly reduce costs while advancing customer service, quality and reliability. Integrated Strategies was selected to conduct a strategic sourcing assessment. Results delivered included:

  • Developed company-wide strategic sourcing and materials management vision
  • Conducted spend analysis and identified double-digit savings opportunities
  • Developed Master Plan/Roadmap to achieving improvements across supply chain
  • Trained and facilitated cross-functional sourcing teams using Integrated Strategies competitive technique processes and capturing millions in savings
  • Reengineered sourcing business processes to capture additional efficiency improvements

Correctional Industries Supply Chain Opportunity Scoping
A large Correctional Industry organization was looking to understand supply chain opportunities available. Integrated Strategies was engaged to scope the magnitude of cost reductions and recommend a go-forward approach. Using a positive, proactive, innovative and collaborative project approach, over 50 personnel from multiple correctional facilities participated.

As a result, 100% concurrence was achieved that double-digit value creation potential existed and that the organization should aggressively pursue department collaboration and cross-functional business process improvements and cost reductions. Integrated Strategies was positively rated across leadership and facility boots on the ground staff.

Global Raw Material Supply Strategies
A global Fortune 200 building products manufacturer, made up of three separate business units, wishes to advance their corporate-wide central purchase agreements. Integrated Strategies introduced the lowest total cost, cross-functional strategy development process (Sourcing Effectiveness Team, SET© ). The results were:

  • +$30 million in annualized purchasing price/cost savings
  • Increased planning capabilities and reduced inventory across the supply chain
  • Taught SET© to internal team and were able to sustain commodity strategy development
  • Completed in 8 months

Indirect Material and Service Purchase Strategy
A $30 billion, global, process-based industry organization sought to leverage its indirect purchase materials and service. Working with Integrated Strategies, the following results were achieved:

  • 10% price/cost reductions, including quality assurance and customer service improvements, in the following purchase categories:
    • Office Products: copy/mail service, priority mail, and office supplies
    • Professional Services: executive search, legal, management consulting, and temporary staff
    • Travel: agency contracts, airfare, auto leasing, auto rental, group travel, and hotel
  • Completed in 5 months

Total Supply Chain Strategy Re-design
A global, 10,000+ restaurant chain was faced with fragmented information, inconsistent processes, lack of control in the supply chain, and unacceptable cost/service performance levels. Integrated Strategies defined and developed implementation plans with long-term, lowest total cost, customer focused distribution as a competitive advantage. The following results were achieved:

  • Alignment of supplier-stores to achieve enhanced service and quality performance

  • Performance incentives on new supplier/distributor contracts

  • $25 million first year cost savings with targets for quality assurance and supply chain expected to exceed $100 million

  • Business processes redesigned to achieve predictable quality and reduced cycle times

ERP Implementation
A major industrial organization had antiquated business systems that were isolated and non-Y2K compliant. Integrated Strategies helped the company implement an integrated ERP system, with the following as notable results:

  • Under budget by $500k

  • Trained all users on requisition, inventory, warehousing, and
    buying functions

  • Completed in 8-1/2 months

Gas and Electrical Hardware Integrated Supply Strategies
A multi-warehouse, multi-regional utility had worked with over a dozen electrical hardware and gas distribution materials suppliers. The utility engaged Integrated Strategies to develop and implement an integrated supply strategy. The following results were achieved:

  • ~10% price/cost reductions

  • +50% inventory reductions on limited-use items

  • Next-day inventory on common items

  • Continuous improvement and performance-based integrated supply relationships

  • Completed in 11 months

Total Supply Chain Strategy Re-design
A global industrial building materials manufacturer developed an in-house supply chain services group to provide expertise in solving logistics and materials management issues. Critical to the success of this effort was participants’ willingness to adopt advanced initiative management tools and techniques. Integrated Strategies provided hands-on, strategic, and tactical initiative management workshops that yielded the following benefits and client improvements in an eight week period:

  • Rapid adoption and daily application of a comprehensive initiative management process

  • Measurable results attributable to developing, executing, tracking, and communicating initiative plans

  • 36% increase in formal initiative planning

  • Significant increase in executive sponsorship for the process as well as participant’s initiatives

Global Freight Management Strategy
A major Midwest consumer products producer needed to improve management, cost, and service in it’s exporting operations. Integrated Strategies introduced and facilitated a freight strategy management development approach that:

  • Received senior management’s approval

  • Lead to improved customer responsiveness

  • Identified and selected appropriate third party providers

  • Positioned measurable cost reductions of 5-10%

  • Completed in 3 months

Sourcing Redesign and Opportunity Identification
A major Midwest utility engaged Integrated Strategies to build a plan to accelerate and institutionalize lowest-total-cost sourcing and materials management practices across their fossil fuel generating stations. The following results were targeted:

  • 6-12% price/cost reductions

  • 50% inventory reductions

  • Defined new sourcing business practices and supply-base techniques

  • Redesign purchase and materials management organization

  • Completed in 3 months

Inventory Management Assessment & Training
A global mining company wanted to improve its inventory management and material cataloging practices. Integrated Strategies was engaged to review inventory data, inventory management practices and conduct training. Results included:

  • Conducted detail warehouse and inventory analysis on +30k material codes
  • Identified double-digit inventory reduction and productivity/efficiency improvement opportunities
  • Developed and conducted inventory management training and education programs across company divisions and mining operations
  • Developed inventory management decision tools for sustainable lowest cost inventory investments
  • Completed in 8 months

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