Business Transformation


Juggling priorities?

No question, your company has had good success, yet in this new high-speed/on-demand economy you know key business decisions are being made in a hurry, the majority of the day is reactionary, team alignment and communications are weak. The results; increased frustrations, waste and cost, decreased team motivation, and declining personal lives and profits. Now for the good news; effective leadership can transform your business while driving double digit value creation.

Introducing Integrated Strategies' business transformation approach, based on proven leadership and excellence philosophies. It’s a team owned pathway to transform and create double-digit value that impact your bottom line - and people’s lives. Value is measured in price/cost reductions, revenue enhancement, efficiency improvements, asset utilization and employee job enrichment.

This pathway takes great leadership courage and trust. We are hands-on, intellectual leaders - working shoulder-to-shoulder with leadership by helping to define and live their roles of embracing the companies vision, protecting its values while setting goals, allocating resources, having performance metrics in place, and monitoring and mentoring your team to success.

We bring best/ appropriate business practices across all dimensions, ensuring teams are creating real value, not just “having a meeting”. Best of all your teams learn to own their pathway to success. This truly creates the flywheel of enterprise continuous improvement

The Integrated Strategies approach is more than team building. It’s a real people approach that creates real business results – here is the feedback from a recent client;

90% Stated the Process brought value to the company and employees
82% Declared the business transformational approach should be the organization’s standard way of doing business
85% Reported they were satisfied to very satisfied with the transformational process and the results
92% Said Integrated Strategies, the external thought, strategy facilitators and business analysts brought significant value
10% to 35% To top it if off - double digit cost reductions were achieved in every supply chain process that followed the process.
(based on a confidential survey of 126 employees involved in the process)
Can be tailored to meet your specific needs

In summary, working collaboratively, proactively and fact based is success. We can help you get there, as Success is the Only Option.

Great Communication is Awesome Leadership - Alex Trecha age 9

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