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Activity Analysis Keeps Strategic Suppliers in Focus

Looking back, almost 30 years, supply side analytics had just begun to gain traction in every day industry. Thinking about and working with suppliers strategically was relatively new. Analytical approaches were limited or simply shunned as not applicable. Yet, those who adapted early found incredible opportunities, changing the way business performed and buy/ sell relationship were fortified. In the early ‘90’s Supplier Selection and Management Report tapped Steve Trecha to offer future state. It’s an oldie, yet still impactful. It is success and Success is the Only Option!


Personal Value Creation Characteristics – Your Success Foundation

Best quality, lowest price, best service, on-time delivery, exceeding expectations; you know the buzz; they are often a company’s definition of value for their customers. It’s what companies propose to do. The question is; what are the personal value creation characteristics, PVCC, that make the customer value happen?  The reality and opportunity is recognizing and growing personal value creation characteristics that can drive customer success. Renee Jones and Steve Trecha team up to offer insights and practices that work.


Where are My Customers? Breaking Out of Your Advertising Slump

- Your website is up, signs are in place, the literature is glossy and your Facebook is a “like.” But where are your customers? It’s an advertising slump. The conundrum: trying to figure out how to attract more customers while meeting the day-to-day business demands. It’s time to break the slump. The best place to start is a Strategic Communications Plan (SCP)

Strategic Alliance Continuum

- Dr. Oscar W. King and Steve Trecha teamed up to offer deep insights and experiences in developing and leveraging strategic alliances. With a flair for results and a keen eye toward the realities of relationship building the authors have rolled up their sleeves to share what works and what doesn’t.

Looking Back – Moving Forward, Accelerating Purchasing.

- In 2000 Steve Trecha was asked by Purchasing Magazine how technology will influence purchasing in the future. Over 15 years later his insights are prophetic and still offer opportunity for firms working to accelerate their purchasing contribution.


The New Client Meetings – Planned Success Acceleration

- The most effective way to create real value - Focus Magazine - Small Business Association of Michigan

A Plan That Puts the Pink in the Owens Corning MRO Acquisition Process

- An in-depth look at Sourcing Effectiveness Teams (SET) within Owens Corning

Taking Control of Indirect Corporate Spending

- Business realities plus concepts and practices for managing indirect spends

Six-Sigma KOs Costs

- Steps, considerations, and strategies for developing and deploying Six-Sigma supply chain tools and methods

Superior Supply Chains

- Exploration and Processing Magazine Company Profile on Integrated Strategies

What Sourcing Teams Can Do, and Why They May Fail

- A three-part series on Sourcing Effectiveness Teams

Achieving a Superior Supply Chain

- How small business manufacturers can tap the power of superior supply chain strategies

Making Purchasing and Inventory Strategic

- Driving productivity and profitability in the mining industry through radical transformation of purchasing and inventory

Secure Your Supplier Alliances Through A Gain-Sharing Practice

- Benefits and considerations for gain-sharing supplier alliances

EVA Rules All Actions

- Vision look at supply chains driven by Economic Value Added (EVA) results

Incentivized Buyer and Supplier Alliances

- Concepts and best practices for driving continuous supply chain improvements

Best In Class Materials Presented at National Conferences:
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Making Sourcing Strategic A Precursor to Global Competitiveness

• Jay Ertl, VP Product Supply, Alticor Corp
• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Services Supply Chain - Bringing the Pieces Together

• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Supply Chain Transformation - Taking It Personally

• Mark Mensonides, Supply Chain Manager, Paulstra CRC
• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Global Sourcing in Low Cost Countries - China

• Pat DeShaw, Chief Operating Officer, Automatic Spring
• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies
• Bernie Scibienski, Director of Asia Pacific Sourcing, Integrated Strategies

Supply Chain Management in a "Have It Your Way Environment"

• George Hoffman, President and CEO, Restaurant Services Inc.
• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies
• Lloyd Mitchell, Vice President, Integrated Strategies

Global Strategic Sourcing:  Achieving WOW in Shared Service Purchases

• Jenny Beamont, Director of Global E-Procurement, DIAGEO
• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Sourcing and Selling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Alliance Relationships - Gains Pains and Business Realities

• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Buyer and Supplier Gain Sharing:  Driving Continuous Improvement

• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Capital Ideas:  Sourcing Strategies for Major Equipment Purchases

• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Forest Products Buyer/Supplier Gain Sharing Survey Results

• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies

Is This As Good As It Gets?  Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain In The Electric Utility Industry

• Steve Trecha, President and CEO, Integrated Strategies


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